“Can you leave them on the ground?”

Link directly to Post-Gazette video

In the 53rd second of a 54-second-long video depicting City of Pittsburgh Police delivering legal papers to protesters camping at Mellon Green, something happens which personifies the OccupyPittsburgh movement in a manner which many have already ascribed to it. 24 hours after the eviction deadline, the encampment is on edge, not sure whether they’ll be met Monday morning with sweeping police actions.

Instead of riot police, two officers show up to serve legal papers. As the video shows, the officers and protesters compete to overwhelm each other in politeness. A respectful (read:civil) discourse occurs. But then the officer ask one final time, “Nobody here wants to accept them?”

A chorus of “no’s” resounds.

The parties seperate. As the video fades to black, a timid voice emerges from the post-conference din.

“Can you leave them on the ground?”

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